EZ-Products FAQ

Once I make a purchase, where do I find my downloads?

To access your downloads, please log onto our website at www.ucpreaders.com and follow the directions outlined below:

  1. Click on “Students”, choose school from pull-down menu, and log-in
  2. Click on “MY ACCOUNT”
  3. On the “MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION” page, you will see “ORDER HISTORY”. Click on the course reader you’d like to download.
  4. On the download page, you will see your course reader. You will need to download this file by clicking the “Download” button.

Once you download the file, it will request a password to open it so you can save it. This will be the same password as you used to log into our website where you purchased the reader. Once you’ve opened the reader, you should “Save As” to save your file.

How come I can only see one of my purchases?

You can only view the details of one product at a time. There’s a tiny plus or minus sign next to the left of each product. You will need to click on the plus or minus sign to expand or collapse the product.

I downloaded the files, but I cannot locate them on my computer. Where are my files?

The downloaded files will most likely save to whatever default setting your computer has. For a PC, most files are defaulted to save to My Documents/Downloads. For a MAC, most files are defaulted to save to either your desktop or to your Downloads folder.

My PDF only includes a part of the reader – why are there missing readings?

You purchased the EZ-Reader Hard Copy – the PDF file contains a preview of the course reader to get you started on your readings as you wait to receive your hard copy.

Why doesn’t my website password work when I input my password to open up the PDF file?

Do you have any special characters in your password (such as !@#$%^&*)? If so, you will need to change your password with no special characters and re-download the file – Adobe Acrobat does not accept special characters.