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University Custom Publishing is a full-service operation that offers the following services:

All Copyright Legalities Cleared!

Our experienced staff has cleared over 500,000 permissions in the last seven years and can competently handle all your copyright questions and needs. We comply with all copyright laws from start to finish. Due to our unique relationships with publishers and the Copyright Clearance Center, we are able to clear your copyrights efficiently and quickly.

For several of the larger publishers we have site licenses that allow us to clear your copyright instantly! These include:

  • Harvard Business Publishing
  • University of California Press
  • The Economist
  • Los Angeles Times

What is Protected by Copyright?

Published works are intellectual property and are protected by federal copyright laws. These laws stipulate that reprinting any of those works is strictly prohibited unless:

  • It is public domain;
  • It falls within the guidelines of “fair use;”
  • Permission to do so is granted by the copyright owners

While some items are public domain, most course readers are not considered “fair use” of published works. Copyright owners retain all rights to grant or deny permission to legally reuse their materials. Usually when permission is granted, a fee is applied.


We edit materials when needed to remove unsightly blemishes, straighten misaligned text, and preserve photosensitivity all at no extra cost. With our printers’ state-of-the-art, high-resolution equipment, we can preserve the integrity of your color charts and graphics as well and we offer a wide variety of production and finishing options to suit your teaching needs.

We operate anywhere!

We bring experience to your campus bookstores, creating a truly successful retail environment for selling and promoting course readers.

University Custom Publishing offers a multitude of opportunities for those who are interested in partnering with us. Explore our wealth of possibilities to see how your institution can benefit. We are committed not only to improving academic retailing, but also to adding value to the bookstore experience.

We provide in-store promotions and deliver marketing tools during key times and at high traffic areas to successfully demonstrate our products. Driving copyright awareness and course reader benefits through events and presentations offer a connection between Students, Faculty, and your store.

Place your confidence in us to create high-quality, copyright-compliant coursepacks!